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 Question        I get vinegar flies and maggots in and around my vegi scraps bin. I only take it out to the compost bin every few days.   Is there a non chemical way to stop this happening?

Answer          I am having succes with Diatomic.

                    Food grade Diatomaceous Earth  the minute particles pierce their bodies and they dehydrate and die, maggots as well. It deals with the problem when they are there. You can completely cover the surface deniying them access, but they will still come unless you can mask the scent they are drawn to. I will give basil and tansy a go any of the known fly repellents may work. Lets give it a go.

Diatomic available from SOLARIN FARMS.

Q, Hi is this the same stuff you use on the stickfast fleas?

A. Yes ,with the flea situation I sometimes add other better known organics, sometimes the health of the coop requires a general pick me up but this is the active base that does the work.


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