SOLARIN FARMS offers advice on chemical free land management for the Tree Changer to the discerning serious producer

                                                                We realise how hard it can be to get a start in small farming.

      Farm  Starter Packs      everything from advice  to STOCK     perhaps you want some managable farm stock   Dual Purpoes cattle beef and milk ,chickens,geese

                                Your new farm can be a daunting undertacking so let us assist,   were here to help.    Let your property work for you.

                                                                         Save Save Save   time     money      save wasted effort


       Your Family needs             Meat  VEGITABLES   FRUIT       Save thousands      safely grow your own produce       Healthy Farms for Healthy Families

                           On sale of any extra produce that you may have                        Join the Solarin Marketing initiatives network

                      Obligation free chat           what you've got    +   what you want   =     How do you achieve it.?        answer               Solarin Solutions



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